How you can support the festival

The Rushlake Green 2024 Little Art Festival is all about community involvement. It will be created by members of our local community, it will feature the talents of our local communities and it will be made possible through the support of people from across our community and beyond. Ultimately you will be able to support the festival by attending as many of the events and activities as you can, because we won’t have a festival without an eager audience. So we’ll be making sure that the programme has something to offer everyone, whatever aspect or genre of the arts is their thing.

But in order to reach the stage when we can present all this amazing local talent, we need to create a project that is built on a strong foundation of support from the local community.

One way you can show your personal support for this amazing project is to become a Friend of the Festival. It’s a way of signalling your support and will be hugely appreciated by the small team of local volunteers who have taken on the task of bringing the project to fruition. You’ll also be providing some vital financial support for the project at the initial stages, before other funding sources have been confirmed. To become a friend, all we ask is that you make a voluntary donation of at least £5 or £10 for a family (you’re more than welcome to donate more!) And register your details so that we can keep you in touch with the project as it develops.

Another way we can get support is through sponsorship. This could be a local business or organisation willing to make a more substantial contribution towards the project. Individual Sponsors are also hugely welcomed.

The final form that help can take is in ‘Support in Kind’. If you can offer an activity or service that would help to deliver the project we would love to hear from you. So no matter what your business is, why not get in touch and we can explore how you could support us.

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