2016 festival

The 2016 Little Arts Festival was the brainchild of the late Chris Liddiard who was a much loved and hugely talented local artist, musician and song writer. The idea was simple but quite challenging for a small community like ours to make happen. Chris was well aware of the incredible range of artistic talent and creativity that is at the heart of the communities around us: all forms and genres of music, theatre, poetry, the visual arts, poetry, craft making, photography, literature and much more. So Chris as only Chris could muse said:

“why don’t we get everyone together to create a little festival where all these amazing people can work together to create something special that the whole community can enjoy and in many cases take part in.”

So it was that the 2016 little arts festival was borne. Some 12 months later, as the result of the tireless endeavours of all those involved, the festival came to fruition. A packed programme of 20 arts events, involving more than 100 participants, over a 10 day period, attracting more than 1200 attendances and only possible because of the people from across the community who supported the project as Friends of Festival, Sponsors and Volunteers.