Sponsor the festival

As you will be all to aware, local government funding is in a very different place now compared to 2016. Many of the funding sources we were able to rely on in 2016 are just not available any more. So, in common with most arts activities, we will be depending on the generosity of businesses and individuals to help make the Little Arts Project a reality.

Sponsoring the Little Arts Festival is a brilliant way for any local business to demonstrate it’s community involvement because the festival involves, and touches the lives, of so many people of all ages. By sponsoring the festival you will be skiing your support for everyone one of the many arts groups, artists and creative individuals who will, be taking part. Your support will be visible t the audiences of all these events. Everything from live rock gigs and brass bands to early music ensembles and choral groups, from painters and craft makers to digital media and photography, from poetry and prose to anime and graphic novels. Your sponsorship will be truly community wide and will be seen by audiences from across the community and from miles around.

You can sponsor the festival as a business, and you can also sponsor the festival as an individual benefactor. Your support will be incredibly important for the delivery of the project, and hugely appreciated by everyone involved, not least the contributing talent whom you are helping to connect with their local communities.

If you think you might be willing to offer us some sponsorship, please get in touch and we’ll explain what’s involved. Just drop us a line at thelittleartsfestival@gmail.com or talk to anyone on the team.  We’d love to hear from you.