Become a friend

One way you can show your personal support for this amazing project is to become a Friend of the Festival. It’s a way of signalling your support and will be hugely appreciated by the small team of local volunteers who have taken on the task of bringing the project to fruition. You’ll also be providing some vital financial support for the project at the initial stages, before other funding sources have been confirmed. To become a friend, all we ask is that you make a voluntary donation of at least £5 or £10 for a family (you’re more than welcome to donate more!) And register your details so that we can keep you in touch with the project as it develops.

As a Friend of the Festival we will send you regular newsletters keeping you informed about the development of the project. From time to time we may ask you for feedback on ideas that are developing. And we will welcome your ideas and suggestions because as a Friend we will consider you to be part of or extended community. You will be part of the network that will be responsible for delivering the project. Something you you’ll be able to look back on with a sense of pride.   

Becoming a Friend of the Festival couldn’t be easier:

Pay online

If you click the link below, you’ll be able to download a form to register online as a Friend (or for Family Friendship) and make a donation online using a BACs/Online payment. We’re asking for a donation of at least £5 (£10 for a family) but obviously you’re very welcome to donate more if that’s what you’d like. It’s that simple. You can also pick up a paper form, fill it out, pay online and then return the form either to the Village stores, or by taking a scan of the completed form and returning it to us.

LAF24 FriendsForm 2.1pdf

Pay using a cheque

For those with no access to the internet, there are paper forms you can fill out and return, with a cheque. Friends Registration forms are available at the Rushlake Green Village Stores

Needless to say, of the above the online registration is by far the best way to do this if you possible can, because cheque processing is a lot more complicated for our small group of volunteers.